Retreat Guidelines

  • There must be a sincere commitment to self-growth and dedication to practice, openness and readiness to investigate oneself and to create change and transformation.

  • Do not use any intoxicants like alcohol and drugs during the retreat period.

  • Smoking cigarettes is not permitted while doing the retreat.

  • No use of mobile phones or computers is allowed during the retreat.

  • Our retreat center holds strong vegan values. Please do not bring meat or animal products to be consumed on the premises.

  • We invite guests to bring what they think they will need to supplement their diet.

  • Insurance: You are not insured for any of the activities you may decide to do in or outside the Center. Please make arrangements for your own health and travel insurance.

  • We accept payment in cash only (USD) upon check-in. If you decide to shorten your stay for any reason, you will not be given a refund for your remaining days.

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