Why Do We Seek Guidance?

Ever since birth, society has programmed us to follow authority.

We were taught that by following this authority, we will have order, clarity, and peace of mind.

So how come we feel so lost and insecure in life? Have doubts, fears, and confusion?

Self-inquiry at OmMaYaOm

As newborns, we didn’t know how to connect to life.

We didn't understand the structure and rules of society, so we obeyed.

We followed blindly, unconsciously, without asking - what is the purpose of it all?

We haven’t stopped and asked ourselves basic life questions, like -

Why do I do what I do?

What is the reason I live where I live, with the people I live?

Am I happy?

Do I have clarity about my next steps?

Why is my life so chaotic? How come I don't feel at peace?

Yigal - conscious living mentor

From this simple inquiry arises the urge for guidance, true guidance, to point me in the right direction to discover my own path. Not an authority that tells me what is right or wrong for me.

But someone who can support me to ask the questions until my answers will come.

A REAL mentor - someone who is non-emotionally connected with my path. Someone who is not affected by my decisions, by the choices I make. someone who doesn't have opinions.

He is neutral yet very clear and decisive in his life. Someone who lives by his own truth, and teaches me to follow my own.

A guide can remind and trigger within you things that you cannot access alone, until the knowledge awakens within you.

A guide has the ability to take one beyond his mental limitations.

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